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Introduction Guidelines

Post by Blue Eyed Devil on Fri Jul 24, 2015 8:04 pm

Welcome to Black Sun Rising forum, the online HQ of the Black Sun Rising community.

This topic serves as a guideline for newcomers to our forum and explains the registration process step by step, what is required of you once you have been approved and where to get started.

However, before you even register we have two strong recommendations for you that may save you a lot of troubles in the future:
Read the Black Sun Rising Charter and Mission Statement
Become familiar with our rules or face banishment.

Registering on

The initial stages of registration are the same here as anywhere else, you input the basic required information and proceed.

After registering your profile will need to be validated by an Admin before you are allowed to join in the discussions.

Once you have been validated by an Admin you will become a probationary member - this group is limited to only the introductions part of the forum, you cannot reply to other introduction topics but you can create a topic yourself, which is meant to be your introduction topic. Once you have posted your introduction thread you are automatically moved to Members group, granting you full access to Black Sun Rising forums.
Posting your introduction thread

Your introduction post is meant to give everyone here some insight into who you are as a person, so while we welcome some basic information
what we really want to know is what shapes your character and outlook:
Political history
Reasons for joining
Some additional information you can provide if you are willing is:
Contact information
Any kind of projects you're working on

If it all goes well then you may consider yourself to be part of the Black Sun Rising community, a forum dedicated in opening people's minds to the truth and eventually where you can network and organize with people in real life.

Other things to consider
Introduction topics are closed a week after their creation.
Introduction threads are not for extensive specialized debates, there are dedicated threads to do that, an introduction thread is all about the OP.
Accounts that have zero posts for over a week since their validation by an Admin are deleted.
If you're a new user yourself with less than say 50 posts under your belt you charging in to welcome people newer than yourself just looks ridiculous unless you welcome them as fellow newcomers.

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